Fossil Dungeon

SIBELIAN – ‘Gothic Opera, 1999-2011’
This gothic-opera-rock crossover project, the brainchild of Stephen Svanholm, have been keeping a low profile since “The Sin Eater” track debuted on Cold Meat Industry’s “Flowers Made of Snow” sampler, and internet-label Magnatune put out the full length album “The Soul Rush” the following year. The Fossil Dungeon are pleased to present the group’s debut CD release, “Gothic Opera,” featuring an uncompromising blend of classical, rock, gothic and electronic sounds/loops, allayed with genuinely strong songwriting. The result is a powerful and engaging journey that is both dark and mysterious yet fanciful all the while. Stephen is also known for his multi-tracked choir-like contribution to metal albums from bands like CRADLE OF FILTH and HELL and he is also soon to guest appear on the next album from The Fossil Dungeon’s ARKANE. “Gothic Opera” comes packaged in a 6-panel Ecopak folder and would appeal to fans of DEAD CAN DANCE, DELERIUM, ARCANA, etc.


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