Field Hymns

GRAPEFRUIT cassette $6
RIYL: Tangerine Dream, music so kraut it’s still cabbage & synths creamy enough to attract cats.  What happens when you get Klaus Shulze into some tight-fitting American jeans? Yes I know, the periennial question – well we here at Field Hymns have the answer and of course the result is Grapefruit. Muscular and fluid, Grapefruit speaks a brogue of 70’s Kosmisch and 80’s action flick scores, woven into a rich expanse of arpeggiated streams, analog sunsets and cosmic beaches. Recommended for all lovers of analog synth artistry. Grapefruit is the solo project of Portland, Oregon’s Charlie Salas Humara – currently in the bands Regular Music and Sun Angle, previously of The Planet The and Panther.


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