Fan Death

Super Vague is outing number 2 for Baltimore’s Roomrunner, and their first to be released on vinyl. Fans of off-kilter guitar abuse in the vein of U.S. Maple, Chavez, and Polvo, and huge radio rock riffs alike will have a new favorite band after hearing these new tracks, written and recorded in Baltimore by Denny Bowen, formerly of Double Dagger and Yukon. The 12″ features four tracks, clocking in at 12 minutes, cut LOUD at 45 and mastered to blow out the Best Buy floor-model speakers you just installed in your Civic.Three out of the four songs, “Super Vague,” “Undo,” and “No Wait,” were recorded during the same sessions as their debut EP (FDR-030), and showcase the huge-riffed alternative guitar crunch Roomrunner has been turning heads with. The final track, “Petrified,” is the earliest scrap of Roomrunner that’s been unearthed, from a four-track recording dating to 2006. It’s barely over a minute long, and carries on in the tradition of “Tourette’s” or “Nic Fit,” a blown-out exclamation point to this EP. Look, you like guitars, you like rock music. Roomrunner are a rock band. Enjoy the rock music. RIYL: Nirvana, Geffen-era Sonic Youth, Polvo, Chavez, U.S. Maple, Local H, the self-titled Foo Fighters LP. As a bonus, the Super Vague 12″ comes with a download code including the tracks from the 12″ and selective live tracks from the bleeding edge of their catalog, featuring tracks from the self-titled EP, Super Vague, and as yet unreleased material.


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