FAB017 – WOLF FLUORESCENCE – ‘We’re So Glad You’re Home’ C36
Wolf Fluorescence is the solo project of experimental musician and NY-native Ross Devlin. On We’re So Glad You’re Home he conjures long summers, nostalgia for youth, and time spent with family and loved ones. Dream-like ambient music with a warmth that seems to be a missing from a lot of the very precise and clinical-sounding experimental music out there. Edition of 50 on pro-dubbed high-bias chrome and full color j-card.

FAB014 – DEREK ROGERS – ‘Hex Illumination’ C30
Six new dark synth/electronic tracks from this distinguished and extremely prolific gentleman currently residing in the city of angels. Hex Illumination is the perfect soundtrack for a late night drive through post-recession America’s once thriving cities. Edition of 50 on pro-dubbed high-bias chrome and full color j-card.

New sounds from Silver Spring, MD’s own guitar-drone project INSECT FACTORY and Gowanus Brooklyn’s LUCIERNAGA. INSECT FACTORY provides two extended guitar-based drones of sounds and textures that meld into haunting yet-tuneful melodies. These two tracks are an excellent companion to the recently released full-length INSECT FACTORY LP on FABRICA/INSECT FIELDS. LUCIERNAGA, normally a guitar-only project, this time around includes acoustic and electric guitar, mbira, buddha machine, and looped field recordings. LUCIERNAGA is accompanied by Sean Keane (STRNGLV) with additional sounds generated by circuit-bent synth and effect pedals. First edition of 50 packaged in printed 5” x 5” reel-to-reel box.


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