BAD ORB beams in a far out feast of fetid field recordings, mesmerically mournful mumblings and doom-laden dirges of dustbin drone… all direct from her seaside abode on the South coast. Beartown is proud to release CHAT HOLE in its all full, (un)edited (un)glory. Fakirs moan in the echoing taverns, accordions wheeze beneath the creaking arboretum while dead or dying televisions creep quietly across the attic floor. Laments are wailed for the flammable careless masses, conversations clipped, chopped and reversed and chicken bone dream catchers rattle against corrugated iron fences from here to there… and back again. Intriguing and enchanting, CHAT HOLE is over the horizon, between the hedges, beneath the surface and above the snow-line. While stocks last… and they always last. Edition of 33 with radioactive green tapes, florescent “chocolate war bride” artwork and instructions of how to attain an MP3 version of CHAT HOLE.

Behold earthlings – the bloody best bit of Baraclough is back on Beartown! Celebrated sound-warlock AQUA DENTATA (Eddie Nuttall returns with the almost spiritual/transcendental MARCH HARE, KRAKEN MARE. Nuttall has developed his AQUA DENTATA project further, utilizing synthesizers, tapes, microphones and bowed miscellany creating a meditative and hypnotic vibe. The result is a sparse, desolate and quite frankly, downright eery affair – think majestic, gushing waves collapsing in on themselves, distilling into vacuumed interzone voids and seemingly sourceless, spectral whispers that may never even have existed. This is a recording that will leave your senses/sensors rendered irrelevant. Don’t trust your lugholes son, they just don’t do what they’re supposed to no more. MARCH HARE, KRAKEN MARE – the soundtrack to the ultimate game of Hide & Seek going totally wrong. He’s a fucking cracker live too! Edition of 40. Backyard paradise artwork by CWB.


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