Tomoko Sauvage – ‘Ombrophilia’ LP
Tomoko Sauvage, Japanese musician and sound artist based in Paris, has developed a natural synthesizer, an electro-acoustic system using hydrophones (under-water microphones of Aquarian Audio) immersed in porcelain bowls of different sizes filled with water. She plays with water waves and drops resonating in the bowls, also with her new sonic exploration, audio feedback creating waving drones and natural overtones. Since her solo album, “Ombrophilia” was released from either/OAR (US) in 2009, she made performances in Europe, US and Japan, often in solo but also in collaboration with Momus, MC Schmidt (Matmos), Gilles Aubry, André Gonçalves… In 2011, a new set of porcelain bowls was created during her residency at La Pommerie (FR) in collaboration with Ceramic Research Center of Limoges (CRAFT).


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