Truco Espárrago

TR-017: Mubles/Grassa Dato – ‘Oh Pequeño Muble/Los Que Habitan en la Oscuridad’
From Bilbao they proceed Mubles, a band formed in February 2008 by members of bands like Xedh, Kakofunk, Valvula Antirretorno or KRPNTRS, bringing danger back to experimental music. “Oh Pequeño Muble” is an intense, fragile, and unpleasant track, a descent to the sewers of soul, with the special prominent dada verses of Álvaro Matilla.  Grassa Data continues with his prodigious working rhythm. His proposal, based on noise, power electronics and psychedelic electronics, has incorporated new resources and atmospheres. “Los que habitan en la oscuridad” is the most industrial track in the discography of Grassa Data. Its masses of creaky and dense noise are mixed with rhythms and loops, feedback reverbered in hallucinogenic spaces and suffocating atmospheres of dark and violent shades.  “Oh Pequeño Muble / Los que habitan en la oscuridad” is presented in a professional green cassette with two tracks and 42 minutes of music, in an limited edition of 56 copies. You can get the tape for 5 euro plus shipping through Truco Espárrago.


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