Poor Farm Editions

Rag Lore – ‘Old Rag Light Lore Songs Volume 1’ C30 $8
Rag Lore’s first volume of solo six string lapstyle recordings, composed in 2009 to 2011.  Ritual blues and drone of the Piedmont variety; field recordings and buzzing strings. Edition of 25.

Rag Lore – ‘Old Rag Light Lore Songs Volume 2’ C30 $8
Longer form solo lapstyle compositions on this second volume by Rag Lore. Recorded May 13th and 14, 2011. Improvised ramblings of varying speeds and sounds; tape loops and steel strings. Edition of 25.

Poor Farm – ‘Drifts Along Weakley Hollow’ C30 $8
Duo-based compositions from MRB and OGL. Abstracted string band leanings – bowed, plucked and pounded out. Off-the-cuff psuedo raags, frolicking blues, and shark tooth hunting hollers from beyond.  Edition of 25.


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