Monged loops of vocal drivel from salt-mining central. LUNN POLY hail from east of the river Weaver in Wharton, in Winsford, in Cheshire. Sit back and become fairly underwhelmed as indecipherable voice box farts, squelches, grunts and general contact mic abuse temporarily homogenises, before collapsing into pools of fumble. Always moving and strangely dynamic, the forty four minute piece holds its glass up to phonation failure and (anti?) repetition, repetition, repetition. THEE COSMIC DONALDS comes with felt tip cretin art work, and is a timely and timeless testement to a pair of Cestrian wipe-out scoundrels uncomfortable with the notion of silence and working in very difficult conditions. One track – forty four minutes. A so far unlimited edition with seasonal artwork.

Alright Chap? All hail Stuart Arnot, famed futuro-medievalist and div-sound stalwart. RAPUNZEL, LET DOWN YOUR MOTHER is the second part of his Rapunzel trilogy. Mr Arnot has many guises / collaborations / whatevers to his name, including but not to limited to: Hard Pan Trio / Plum Slate / The Game Cock / Acrid Lactations / Mid-Leopard Violet Prism / Ghost Of An Ocotopus / Filthy Smear and a whole bunch of other things we can’t remember or pretend to know about. RAPUNZEL, LET DOWN YOUR MOTHER is a warped, scrooned C42. Botched, smleted, pikcled, battered electronics. Rapunzel syndrome for the 2012 generation. Schizoid bouts of reverb, crashing castle-noise, feudal analogue peasant grunts, distort-weird-lumped-natter – it’s a real Ludwigsburg of a cassette! Perhaps some sort of robotic knight from Dresden blowtorching a shoesmith in Saxony for not paying his taxes or some sort of wooden bird plane with flint propellas sent from a future that never existed. It’s all in there. Stuart really puts the GRIM in Brothers Grimm. Audacious Flagon Saxony-Glasgow futuro-beatbox break metldown… C42, edition of 30, complete with individual, abstact cassette and symbolist historical cover art.


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