LUST FOR YOUTH/WAR – ‘The Glass House Etiquette’ split 7’’
(AV!016)  If you played attention to the north-european underground lately, you surely have come across such a label as New Way of Danish Fuck You. Freaky just like every label, it gathers a growing number of Copenhagen-based bands as Iceage and Sexdrome. From the same brood here comes War, a new duo formed by Elias Bender Rønnenfelt (Iceage frontman) e Loke Rahbek (Sexdrome and runner of Posh Isolation label). Debuted by Nyc Sacred Bones just a couple of months ago with the At War With Youth 7-inch, these young Danishes offer some minimal, clanking, home-recorded electronics. What better match than with their neighbors and friends Lust For Youth (for the record Loke plays in LFY live line-up now)? Released on tape by Posh Isolation itself in late 2011, The Glass House Etiquette is the best example of what’s going on in the post-industrial underworld. Two murky bands, one song each filled with damaged synthesizers, gaunt and heavy beats, vocals like spirits haunting an empty room.  Comes on black vinyl with insert.

LUST FOR YOUTH – ‘Growing Seeds’ LP
(AV!017)  You might know Sweden’s electronic act Lust For Youth thanks to their Solar Flare debut album we released just one year ago. Today, after the defection of the early female member Amanda, Hannes Norrvide is back solo and born again. To celebrate the new season, the filthy patina that used to cloak the band’s previous recordings has gone to leave room to clearer sounds which allow the different sides of the project to come to life. That’s how, on Growing Seeds, you’ll find synthpop hymns (Behind Curtains) along with noisy industrial tracks (We Planted a Seed) and powerful EBM beats (Cover Their Faces). Ten songs to give new life to one of Europe’s most interesting synth/wave bands. Comes on black vinyl with insert. CD edition will be released soon by Russian label OtherVoices.


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