[UM016] Kommissar Hjuler/Mama Baer/Ninni Morgia/Silvia Kastel – ‘LIVE AT MORDEN TOWER’ CS
Imagine a meeting between two neo-dada artists, working their way through voice/body performance and broken tape sounds, one crazy free jazz/alien guitarist, and a synth head who goes from obsessive pulsating bass to ultrasound insect calls… this really happened during a series of performances in the UK last year, the two couples being Kommissar Hjuler (tapes, voice, breaking his hand on various surfaces) & Mama Baer (voice) and Ninni Morgia (guitar) & Silvia Kastel (synth). This is a recording from their epic show at the historic venue in Newcastle, The Morden Tower, home since the 60’s to sound poetry (Allen Ginsberg) and extreme industrial (The New Blockaders, Whitehouse…). The set starts out quiet, with a minimal “bass drum” created by Mama Baer by beating her mic on the floor, screeching guitar brushes by Ninni Morgia, creepy tape stutters by der Kommissar and Silvia Kastel’s hi-pitched alarm synth, then the tension builds up to a roller coaster of heavy wailing, crazy free jazz guitar and feedback, with a sound that comes close to Mars’ live recordings, P.16 D4, SPK and other sound criminals. Awe-inducing and uncomfortable, yes, but also kind of liberating. Double printed J cards with photo of the two pairs (taken outside the Morden Tower) & imprinted green tapes. Edition of 100. Listen & Buy.  Also comes housed in a limited numbered edition of 12 carboard boxes hand painted, decorated & signed by Kommissar Hjuler. Each box is unique. Email for more info on the special edition.

[UM017] Bill Horist – ‘THE SIGNAL INDEX’ CS
Guitarist Bill Horist from Seattle is most well known for his solo work and for playing with Masters Musicians of Bukkake (with Alan Bishop and Charlie Gocher of Sun City Girls), Bill Frisell, Chris Corsano, C Spencer Yeh, KK Null and lots more. Musically, he is known for his ability to shift and merge free jazz, blues, prepared guitar and avant manipulations… on “The Signal Index” though, he goes mostly for the latter: beautifully prepared, plucked, bowed, droned guitar that immediately takes you to a trance state. Various layers and textures cross and overlap, from subtle electronics producing little sketched melodies at times, to an electric fog of thick bagpipe-like drones and harmonic-rich sustains. Both instinct and controlled gestures here, like going on a trip where you know you’ve got all you need, but don’t quite know where you’re headed. The result is psychedelic and soothing, with just the right amount of disorientation. A catharsis for your ears! Grey imprinted tapes & double printed 3-panel Jcards, with artwork by Brooklyn artist MP Landis. Edition of 100. Download coming soon.


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