Teflon Beast

Broderick Young/Electronic Meditation Program split cassette $6
TBR’s newest split tape release features two composers working with the medium of tape as a musical instrument in and of itself. Broderick Young’s “The Mixtape” involves the composer actually cutting tape to create loops and textures, then sticking it all back together with scotch tape. A stereo or three may have been destroyed creating the final mix. Tupac, Stravinsky, Mas Alli De La Musica Disco, and more all make appearances on this one of a kind bit of musique concrete. Electronic Meditation Program’s “Weltshmerz,” was made using 1/4″ tape loops, found cassettes, Casio keyboards, organs, etc. most of which were found in various states of disrepair.  Then the sounds were pieced together to create EMP’s unique auditory journey.  Edition of 25.


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