Jugular Forest

M. Geddes Gengras – ‘Purity’ C46 $7.5(US)/$10(WORLD)
m. geddes gengras from los angeles, ca is on a warpath. stepping it up with an increasing output of recorded material, his recent live sets show an artist keeping his performances dynamic and unique. on purity, ged plays melodic sequences darker than his previous efforts. slowly delayed with overwhelming bass, definitely took the whole 1/8th into some electronic hell.

Earn/Mirror to Mirror C30 $7.5(US)/$10(WORLD)
Split tape from earn (matthew sullivan) and mirror to mirror (alex twomey) that was previously limited to those that either heard select songs performed live or grabbed the earlier edition of this tape on the last earn/mirror to mirror tour. matt’s recent obsession with tape manipulation (think his last earn tape hell on earth on his label ekhein or his collaborations with sean mccann) takes earn’s cutting, drenched guitar to a slower, more desolate territory.  “a man seeking sympathy is a man standing still, a man waiting to die.”. mirror to mirror’s side soft years continues alex’s focus on short-form compositions. layers of melodic, melancholy piano and synthesizer polarized by bouncy, carefree arrangements.  once painful memories realized in the present that can only make you laugh now, turning that frown up into a twinkle.

Monsturo – ‘522’ C15 $7.5(US)/$10(WORLD)
Monsturo is david rothbaum, a los angeles musician that creates recordings that are extremely patient and rewarding with subtle detail. 522 was recorded to cassette on a tascam 688 using a roland SH-3a synthesizer. said to be the final monsturo release, minimal static tones ascend together left to resonate.  the spaceship is leaving, but hovered out on a high note.

All three new tapes special $20(US)/$26(WORLD)


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