Imminent Frequencies

Edition of 100.  Late night trance-inducing synthesizer music by Steve Kenney. Kenney a long-running figure within the Michigan noise scene may be best known for his work with the audio / visual unit Demons as well as more recent collaborations with Heath Moerland and Andrew Coltrane. The past several years have found Kenney increasingly going solo both on record and in live form. Fresh off the release of his debut LP, Dawn Widow collects recent sessions recorded in Detroit and Mexico City. Kenney supplies two sides of stark electronics consisting of enigmatic swells that pulsate within an endless series of tunneling synth drones and ever-changing tonalities. Desolate and weak, it’s only a matter of time before you loose your sanity.

Edition of 150.  Three electronic soundtracks by Rick Corrigan composed for films by the visionary filmmaker Stan Brakhage. During the mid 1980’s Rick Corrigan was part of the Colorado-based experimental ensemble Architect’s Office when he befriended local film legend Stan Brakhage. In the years that followed they would collaborate on numerous film projects and live performances in and around Boulder, Colorado. The three soundtracks presented here were made between 1990-1992 and were composed on a variety of synthesizers and electronic instruments. Over the course of each piece Corrigan uses various techniques to create a wide range of otherworldly sounds. Layers constantly shift in texture and tone forming an aural mosaic. Never redundant and thoroughly genuine, these are the sounds of an amazing electronic synthesis. Transferred from the original cassette masters and featuring artwork created from Brakhage’s original 16mm films.


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