I Had an Accident

Orange Blossom Flyover – ‘Museum Magazine’ C31 $5
A Raining array of guitar bliss coupled with the steady tempo of a drum beat compliments the softly uttered vocals on Orange Blossom Flyover’s Museum Magazine. An album that rolls on smooth and dreamy. The feature full-length marks the first on ihaa and one that is impressive and inspirational. The warmth of the guitar pieces creates an atmospheric snifter of brandy for a late night watching of the sun’s setting.  Mp3 with purchase, limited to 40.

Clearing – ‘Stride’ C40 $5
Stride is the latest by minimalistic texture artist Clearing. Producing more cool sounds that feel like standing in a chilled beach breeze on a spring morning. Refreshing ice clinking in a glass of spring’s elixir as the flowers bloom and the smells trickle into your nostrils and then you realize this is what dreams are made from. The languid motion of rubbing your eyes too long. There is an unspoken poetry in Stride.  mp3 with purchase limited to 50.

Ectoplasm & DenMother – ‘416’ C26 $5
Ectoplasm is a prolific producer with an ear for extremely beautiful sounds. Quietly brushing the smooth glass upon your cheek unsheltered by the innocent softly spoken and calming sounds of DenMother. A vast ocean of vocal rhythms whispering to your heart… come closer. Breath of fresh air as you slowly spin to the feeling of a chill pricking your bare back as you look up to a sky blue sky. Thoughts of her, of Canada, and the spirit lost in journey, 416 captures the beauty of innocence, that fragile state prior to shattering it. Featuring the beautiful DenMother along with a special appearance by Tin Window and a killer aGitated remix by NattyMari.  Mp3 with purchase, limited to 35.


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