Close/Far Recordings

C/F016 Coppice/N.N.N. Cook split C60 $7(US)/$10(World)
Side A: Prune, by Coppice, is a 30-minute composition for tape studying foundation reduction, threshold permutation, mercurial residue, and compression techniques. Recorded in Chicago in late 2010 using pump organ, fire bellows, push-pump organ, samples, and electronic processing. Coppice (Noé Cuéllar & Joseph Kramer) is a Chicago-based duet of bellows and electronics. Formed 2009, they have produced original compositions for stage, fixed media, and performed installation settings, with a focus on adhering textural attenuation, processed gradation, the contours of instrumentation, and their multiple aspect highlights. Their variable instrumentation departs from bellows and reed instruments (accordion, pump organ, shruti box, harmonica), custom electronics (reproduction, transmission, spatialization, interference and gentle feedback), and multi-channel systems adapted in ways responsive to location, audience flow, and aural perspectives. They have recently appeared at the Museum of Contemporary Art, New Music at the Green Mill (Chicago); Music with a View (New York); Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts (Minneapolis); Dragonfly Festival (Göthenburg, Sweden); and several live radio performances. Side B: Two new works from N.N.N. Cook chosen to accompany Prune. Wu Wei I: Repose features the texture of select materials arranged in order to accentuate the color of each while inducing horizontal and vertical spatial movement. Material (and non-material) sources include: baoding balls, brass censer, feedback, porcelain vase, tape, voice, wine glass, and wooden flute. Wu Wei II: Impulse is the first 18 minutes excerpted from a 40-minute improvisation on electric organ. The meditative state involved in the creation/listening process and the immersive quality of engaging in the perception of the beats, overtones, and shading are its focus. Pro-duplication and imprinting with full color double sided j-cards. Featuring altered Polaroid photo cover art by Joseph Kramer. Edition of 100 on chrome tape.

C/F019 ‘Rhizomatic St. Louis Vol. 1′ compilation C72 $7(US)/$10(World)
A compilation of Sound Art, Free Improvisation, Electronic & Electroacoustic music from artists currently living and working in the St. Louis area. Featuring: Regicide Bureau: Tom Sutter; prolific 80’s tape trader with an electroacoustic infatuation, self-released over 300 cd-r’s and tapes Rich O’Donnell: Director of the Electronic Music Studio at Washington University, St. Louis, was principal percussionist with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra for 40 years, percussion and electronic instrument builder, co-founded HEARding Cats, a 501(c)(3) arts collective in ’09 Raglani: Analog synth guru, electronic music history enthusiast, OG of the STL experimental music scene Tory Starbuck Project: Tory Z. Starbuck; avant-garde art rocker, music instructor, adept player of ethnic drums, saxophone, violin, sitar, koto, and electronics  N.N.N. Cook: Sound artist, improviser, graphic designer, and visual artist, runs the tape side of Close/Far Recordings Dr. Mabuse: Electronic instrument inventor and builder, I call him the, “Harry Partch of electronics”, president and co-founder of HEARding Cats arts collective Dave Stone: Reeds player par excellence, Free Jazz hero, seasoned improviser Public Shallows: Integral promoter, writer, and performer in the local music community, Josh Levi’s Flood Yr Face blog is the #1 source for underground concert listings in STL Brain Transplant: Chris Smentkowski’s long running solo and collaborative Noise project, laptop data warper, guitar mangler Kevin Harris: Runs the best experimental venue in the city, The Floating Laboratories, Performs with homemade “wind turbine” signal generators diffused through a multi-channel sound system and modular synthesizers Dinner Music: Rick Weaver; experimental Renaissance man, restless soul, runs Human Conduct Records.  Pro-duplication and imprinting with full color double sided j-cards. Signed and numbered silkscreened posters (edition of 25), signed and numbered digital prints (edition of 75) and cover art by Jeremy “Ghost Ice” Kannapell. Edition of 200 on high bias tape.


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