Sleep Fern/The Ether Staircase split C40
Never mind leaky microwaves and humming power lines, Sleep Fern gathers the waves and radiation of the everyday and blurs it all into agitated, yet beautiful, clouds of voices and static. The flip presents an unhinged summer with The Ether Staircase, collaged fidelities of glass shards and magnetic tape. ((CAVE-07)) Edition of 50 . C-40, pro-dubbed Type II Cobalt . Full color, handmade j-cards. Art by Sleep Fern

Rainbow Valley – ‘Tipoftheredgiantbranch’ C44
After great sides on Jozik and Sangoplasmo, Rainbow Valley’s latest is an expansive work of depth and power. Walls of textured sound build slowly, creating wide canyons of reverberating space. The patient and deliberate motion of these pieces has a way of stopping time and bringing the gaze inward, drowning thoughts in the blue haze of distance. ((CAVE-08)). Edition of 50 . C-44, pro-dubbed Type II Cobalt. Full-color, handmade j-cards, Art by Rob.

RAGS s/t C34
RAGS continues to ride the line between structured songwriting and sonic exploration on this second release. These pieces travel through a wide range of moods and modes, utilizing complex layering of playback, guitar and keyboards, recorded with no overdubs. The result is infectious. ((CAVE-09)) Edition of 65. Pro-dubbed C-34 Type II Cobalt. Full-color, handmade j-cards. Art by James Seevers (www.jamessevers.blogspot.com) This release includes a free download coupon.


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