Pan y Rosas Discos

Last King of Poland – ‘follow lonely roads’
about the artist: last king of poland is a solo experimental/noise project from chicago musician tomasz jurczak. tomasz began making music within the 8-bit/chiptune genre before moving into the world of harsh noise and ambient in 2007. he primarily uses a large pedalboard to manipulate feedback and voice as well as various noisemakers and synths. he tries to create a noise music that produces an emotional response in contrast to what he feels is the modern paradigm of drinking beer and turning a knob. about the album: follow lonely roads is a piece about alienation built using a vocal processor and a loop pedal. using these two instruments tomasz transforms his voice into pulsing swirls and monastery ambiance. he creates machine drone loops, lonely droid bird cries, and deep space meditations.  pan y rosas discos is a small netlabel based in chicago that focuses on experimental: noise, improvisation, and rock. we believe that music should be available to listeners for free and all the music that we release is licensed under a creative commons attribution-noncommercial-no derivative works 3.0 unported license. SAMPLE


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