No Kings

NK30: Talk West – ‘Freights & Fields’ C40 $6(US)/$7(Can)/$8(World)
Tulsa, OK multi-instrumentalist and Scissortail Records guy Dylan Golden Aycock delivers this stunning batch of drone-folk meditations fashioned with a truly refreshing mix of synths, loops, air organ, and expressive pedal steel. These sunken timber hymns harken back to the roots of American experimentalism but stand in their own new space, lonesome bedroom ballads tinged with universal nostalgia. Edition of 70 pro-dubbed/imprinted tapes with letterpressed and risographed artwork.

NK29: Soothsayer – ‘Keynes Utopia’ C40 $6(US)/$7(Can)/$8(World)
Moon Glyph head/designer Steve Rosborough’s Soothsayer project continues to evolve with this new long-player of solid now-age synth minus any overwrought gear-headedness. Subtle, slight ambient pieces that flutter into the air, and abstractly preach utopian economics. Makes your plants grow. Leave it on forever. Edition of 70 pro-dubbed/imprinted tapes with risographed artwork.

NK26: Dusted Lux – ‘Canopy’ C40 $6(US)/$7(Can)/$8(World)
Following a bewitching debut on Kimberly Dawn, this full-length is four soft organic drones caked in rust, waves of field recording hiss, elusive songs hidden in dust clouds. A soulful assemblage of textures and melodies that will reveal itself to those who listen thoughtfully. Edition of 70 pro-dubbed/imprinted tapes with letterpressed and gocco-printed artwork.


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