Monstres par Excès

LxVxTx + Ronez – ‘Disgiunzione #3’ CDr 5€
plastic sleeve, cdr, 20 copies. Try to get more disjunctive than this: laptop stabs, freewheeling drum machines, white noise washes and clipping anime samples by Italy’s most unfriendly LxVxTx (with his fellow companion Dr. Dildo on this one) colliding with the sparkling oscilloscope sweeps and distorted feedbacking frequencies of Ronez, chinese psychedelic harsh noise pioneer. Deformed sonatas for contaminated hardware, sounding like rusty knives piercing eardrums under the spell of a farcical fatwa.

Pasto Cranico – ‘Cancrena’ CDr 5€
carton sleeve, cdr, 20 copies. This is a love hymn for industrial music. An elegy to the forefathers of dissonance. A journey in paranoiac soundscapes. Severe arrhythmia, aural hallucinations and cold sweat. The disturbing echo of forgotten pictures – sharp edges, bleached colours – and the aftertaste of bad sleep. The brain failing to make sense of the gestalt: parts, shards and fragments floating in obsessive combinations. Total control on the frequency spectrum as the key to the listener’s surrender.

Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo – ‘Remore (A Collection)’ CD 8€
carton sleeve, cd, 50 copies.  A completely unnecessary collection of rare tracks and unreleased b-sides marks the mostly unnoticed five-year anniversary of Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo. A phase ends, ends meet, meetings are celebrated. Insanely harsh remixes, musique concrete tributes to Pierre Schaeffer, rumbling low-end radio manipulation, onkyo-inspired acoustic guitar picking and toy trumpet solos: a deliberate mess of sounds and styles, a Panic celebration of panic, uncoherency supreme. A cleansing ritual for memories, or just noises not to sleep to.


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