Truco Espárrago

Picadillo Genital 3€
Picadillo Genital (Asturias, Spain) was formed on 2001 and disbanded on 2003 after two demos of infamous and retarded noisecore. In summer 2011 Picadillo Genital reunited, giving various concerts with bands like Tempesta, Hongo or Infección, and releasing  a promo: “Pro-Mortem”. In December 23, Picadillo Genital presented their second demo “Feliz Navidad Cerotes de Mierda” at their hometown.  “Feliz Navidad Cerotes de Mierda” includes 12 tracks, a cavernous blend of corrupted crustcore (“Matanza Humana” or “El Nicho”), primitive grindcore (“Un grito en el faro” o “Ojalá te pudras en el infierno”) and absurd and annoying noisecore (“Descojone compulsivo a base de tripazos” or “Desentrañado con una cuchara de postre”). This is an ugly, dirty, raw and infamous recording with loads of black humor and underground devotion, like it was done in the early nineties.  “Feliz Navidad Cerotes de Mierda” has been manufactured and released by It Lives In The Woods Records, and coproduced and distributed by Truco Espárrago. It is presented in a CDr with 12 tracks (10 minutes of non-music) in a handmade cardboard.  You can get this demo for 3 euro plus handling and shipping through Truco Espárrago.


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