Pan y Rosas

(pyr045): Tomas Gris – ‘Clarifications of the concept of object’
about the artist: tomas gris is a free improviser based in madrid who is working on developing a sound language that combines his love of dada, art brut, and the cobra art movement with his interest in philosophy, semiotics and post-modernism. he performs alone and with ad hoc ensembles primarily playing reeds and amplified objects, but also incorporating various percussion and acoustic instruments into his pieces. some musicians he has performed with include: miguel garcia, lali barriere, martin kuchen, david lacey and paul vogel. about the album: gris’ first album for pan y rosas is a solo improvisation recorded in 2011 in which he plays alto saxophone, harps, cassette, and objects. throughout the piece he employs quietness and stillness; flutters, pops and breaths; cymbals and tones. his playing is deliberate and of the moment without beginning or end.


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