Orgonomy#02 Combustione & Liberazione – ‘Ash Me’ CDr 4€
Combustione & Liberazione’s name is a distortion of Comunione & Liberazione’s, a powerful catholic organization, popular in Italy during the ’70 for being the right alternative for marxist youth’s organizations. After that Soviet Union collapsed it gradually faded in the shadow, while keeping its power and a place in people’s mind. Combusione & Liberazione aims to occupy that space in collective imaginary and fill it with ultrapsychedelic noise. Freeing people by means of saturated mantric music in the style of heroes Astral Social Club/Yellow Swans. Ash Me is its second album.  Edition of 66 /coproduced by Narvalo.

Orgonomy#03 Panda/Combustione & Liberazione split CDr 5€
On this Split italian projects Panda and Combustione & Liberazione join their forces for a eyes wide open journey into the meaning of living in a place where rarely something happens. While Panda from the small city of Macerata (Macerated in english) has 3 short tracks of digital static noise -“You can’t do it—all the needles are on red.”- Combustione & Liberazione, from Cingoli, adds a last long track that starts with whip sounds and ends in a fake techno beat you could even dance on. Enjoy the countryside.   Edition of 66 /coproduced by Narvalo.


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