Green Records and Tapes

GR192: HZMT and Lidless Eye – ‘Forging Frequencies’ CDr $5
Short CD of duo recordings between myself (Lidless Eye) and Diry Tony Miller (HZMT) recorded at Eric Wozniak’s in Ypsilanti. Recorded to tape on Tony’s insane homemade bubbling synths and electronics in a quiet apartment fashion. Edition of 14 copies. Double-sided xerox art, labeled discs.

GR193: Stryofoamswamp – ‘Trio’ CDr $5
These two weird Michigan via Florida dudes, Steve and Ryan, stopped by during my stay in Royal Oak, and into the basement they piled their insane homemade stringed instruments. HUGE pieces of wood with a bunch of metal/string/???? attached to them. We jammed, and created one long, swirling mesh of acoustic and electronic sounds, no effects, just long form, focused string music. Fully packaged in a CD case, stamped CD-Rs.

GR194: Landstander – ‘A Better Place To Die’ C15 $4.5
Knox Mitchell solo organ/synth project. Recorded live on a Lowery organ and a large Crumar orchestral synth. Dark, blasting synth tones intercepted by wobbly organ ramblings.  3 panel fold-out xerox art, painted tapes.

GR195: Lidless Eye – ‘At The Graves’ C40 $4.5
Raw homemade electronics electronic drones, in naueseating stereo.  4 tracks of minimal, slow moving zone-out buzz. Xerox art, painted tapes.

GR196: Orphanage Rats – ‘Fearful Mounting’ C30 $4.5
Knox Mitchell (Lidless Eye, Cujo, etc.) and Sam Hooker (Tarpit, Bile and Horseman) combine tapes and sax in the basement to create broken jazz and loop squall. 7 songs of slow riffs and mystery gutter tape. Xerox paste-on art, labeled tapes.

GR197: Last Of England/Lidless Eye split C20 $4.5
Last Of England is Erik Ciora and RJ Myato from Pittsburgh. They have been creating some of the most original recent harsh noise jams for nearly two years together. Their side is a 10 minute compilation of some brutal, angry, hilarious, and LOUD live performances. Lidless Eye’s side is a booming, live electronics track, with traces of radios, tapes and ??? buried deep within the sonic dump. Xerox paste-on art, labeled tapes.

GR198: Lidless Eye – ‘Liquid Ice In Vein’ CDr/lathe-cut $8
Chains, knives, radios, tapes, and sharp metals used to create these haze-cluttered tracks. Kinda sounds like the soundtrack to a steel mill snuff film. 2 CD tracks, and a lathe track cut on the bottom of the disc. Cut by Corporate Records. Edition of 10 copies. Doubl-sided Xerox art, stamped disc, in a painted case.

GR199: V/A – ‘Live at the Diamond Gullet‘ C90 $3
Illegal live bootleg compilation.Full sets by Deathwish, Tarpit, Vullmoxx,  Cardboard Sax, Dog Lady, Mall Mutants, Bile and Horseman, Tight Rope, and Feminine Toner. These recordings have not been authorized by the artists, so I am only charging the price of shipping and supplies. Three-panel xerox art, painted tapes.


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