Velvet Elvis – ‘No Rules in the Wasteland’ C30 $6
Velvet Elvis return in all their ragged glory to lay down a tape that features facets of the their past and present.  No Rules in the Wasteland is a cassingle style release of epic proportions; featuring two brand new songs accompanied by two songs from the Favorite Horses sessions.  Side A is the sprawling, 15-minute title-track, No Rules in the Wasteland.  Here the band rides their signature riffs and soaring dual vocals into new supernaturally charged atmospheres, resulting in their heaviest and most psychedelic work to date. The B-side features two early rockers recorded during the Favorite Horses sessions: Pretty Girls in Lace and Stop and Think. Wrapping up this unearthly phantasm is the spoken word/dronescape, Where’s Your Marlboro Man Now? Printed on Stonehenge artist paper in handmade matchbox style sleeves. Hand numbered edition of 100.

Giant Claw/The Cats’ Orchestra – ‘Righteous-Injustice-HellEarth/Tail Tale’ C23 $6
Paired here on our first split release is Russia’s The Cats’ Orchestra with Ohio’s Giant Claw.  Each of these artists have had some pretty significant releases this past year and this release works to solidify them within the higher echelons of experimental analog composition. Giant Claw’s Righteous- Injustice-HellEarth is a blissed out suite of warbling tapes and swooping phases, colliding with wild oscillations that evolve into a Riley-esque dervish. On the flip, The Cats’ Orchestra’s Tail Tale invokes the spirits through a séance for organ and ghostly percussion; a welcomed meditative calm following the hyperactivity of the former.  Pro printed inserts on heavy card stock. Hand numbered edition of 100.

Velvet Elvis – ‘Favorite Horses’ C27 $6
Thundering in like a psychedelic unicorn form outerspace, Velvet Elvis is the five-headed Hydra of stoner rock. Expanding across the galaxy in their own Ship of the Imagination, the exceptionally crafted songs on Favorite Horses pummel the listener with their heavy riffing and crooning voices. Hand numbered, limited 2nd edition of 50 with different color cover, pro printed on heavy card stock.


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