Veyou – ‘Swamp Hag’ [Review]

Nick Hoffman and Stephen Holliger present their fourth release of “basement electronics” as Veyou.  Continuing their concréte method of recording live to tape, the pair capture as much lucky sympathy as cluttered garble in this processual image.  At 30 minutes, the single track of ‘Swamp Hag’ is thrice the length of their last release, and unlike the parsimony of ‘Carcass in the Mist’, ‘Hag’ takes a mud/wall approach: in the cavernous howl of the recording space, we can feel the movement of the players as they grope from source to source evoking musty calliopes, spaceships, and early Robedoorian clouds, hanging low in the dark tombs.  Even without skipping the breaks along this sound spectrum are obvious, arguing a bit of editorial snipping is in order to emphasis the 5ish minute stretches of real greatness (circa 3:20, 11:11, 20:05).  Self-contained in basement, yet unbottled as noise, the pair fill the sonic room with great resonance and casual movement like there’s just the right draft breathing through.  But if they desire more than to repeat the life of Buried Valley, Veyou will need to show us what’s outside the basement – even if they keep us locked inside.  50 copies pegged to paper inserts with glitter paint.

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