DK034 Fear Konstruktor – ‘Ushabti’ CDr 6€
Fear Konstruktor is a brave new sound from Russia,inspired by brightness and vibrance of modern world. However it contains retro-futuristic touch as seen  through the prism of ultramodern devices.All that chik-chik and wao-wao are just words  of the significant phrase…Listening to FK is being inside yourself and outside our Universe at the same time. Because those billions of living sounds are caught for you  by daring one. All tracks was produced in 2010-2011 by Fear Konstruktor. “Ushabti” comes in a ltd editon of 60 CDr, cover drawing by Artaksiniya  and art layout by mic/nodolby.

DK033 Compoundead – ‘Sink’ C30 5€
Rumbling low end frequencies coming from contact mic feedback, wildly modulated and  sculpted with electronics fx  into  pulse-based jams, three tones of electricity debris who collapse in slow motion under and above  suspended drones. Compoundead dyad  from Italy  explore poetically a gentle side of noise, their  work is a continous interplay and each squelchy  is a reply to other myriads of sounds detritus and repetitive hums into a complex and hallucinatory descent in bleaky landscapes. “Sink” comes in a ltd editionof 50 c30, art by mic/nodolby

DK032 Musculus – ‘Not in’ CDr 6€
Musculus is a three dweebs choking out a morbid death dirge onto rotting tape, their last work “Not in” open with a track designed around tapes recovered from a box found underground with the help of a metal detector (!!?!) and close with a cryptic seashore  filed-recordings . Their metamorphosing sound deambulate through anxious haze of voices and plunderpohic echoes of  ’80 horror soundtracks  to noxious field recordings. “Not in ” comes in a ltd edition of 60 CDr, artwork by mi/nodolby.


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