Upside Down

TELEfonoBALAfono/HERBAL RESEARCH split cassette
I first heard TELEfonoBALAfono a few years ago on a (now) prehistoric myspace website and i almost fell from the chair.  A raw and plastic collection of music compositions recorded on a “broken 4 track cassette recorder” as stated by the artist that mixes unknown keyboards and drum machines with a no wave twist that for the time of the recordings was already predicting the economical-ethical crisis we’re living in the now.  Each fragment doesn’t exceed the 3 minutes of lenght creating short audio-visual voyages that continously send back to the italian cinematic and tv imagery.  On the other side HERBAL RESEARCH is the moniker for italian artist Cristiano Carosi (Sea Dweller, Telepathics) who debouts with this 15 minutes of fluid sonic waves  using vintage Crumar sinthesizers and elaborated loops and samples in the attempt of bringing you the benefits of the analogue electronic using frequencies as a solution to your bad energies.  14 minutes of audio images for what could be a lost soundtrack to the classic post-Pasolini cult movie “Amore Tossico”. release date September 15th 2011.  Limited to 50 red cassettes with full colour artwork.

HERBAL RESEARCH – ‘Sound non Sound’ cassette
HERBAL RESEARCH is the new project from italian musician Cristiano Carosi (see also Folded, Sea Dweller, Telepathics) who’s taking a new jurney of experiments with sound collage and electronic. “Sound non sound” is a 15 minutes long session of samples, toy beats and synthetic waves that travels back in time to investigate some of the unexplainable mysteries of the recent italian past, made of disappearing aeroplanes and exploding train stations. A deeply describing music that manages to stimulate undefined images and shapes to the mind of the listener. Limited edition of 50 green tape cassettes with full colour artwork.


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