Taco Leg – ‘Printed Gold’ 7”
Three songs from TACO LEG, the strongest characters in the city of Perth, a seaside village in Western Australia which, any visitor can affirm, served as a model for The Village to which Number Six has been condemned. It’s a strange burg inhabited by a society just a little too askew for general population. The major markets of the United States were treated to a visit from Taco Leg in late 2010, and this is the first blast we’ve heard from the guys since that historic trip. “Printed Gold” is a buzzy single-noting headbanger and it shows all the confidence of a Ryan Howard home-run. In fact, in a tribute to his American fans of the diamond, the guitar player wore batting gloves for the recording session. A certain high-ranking Aussie musician and writer pointed out to the band that their approach has a lot in common with FANG. The guys not only took the trouble to figure out just who the hell is Fang, they even learned the band’s most memorable tune & put it to tape. The result? An interpretation of “The Money Will Roll Right In” that’s a few degrees drier, more inspired, & more determined than the original. Certainly, these guys stand a chance at the film career that proved elusive to Sammytown & that crowd. 330 copies.


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