Teen Action

TAR031 – Seven Lies About Girls/Derek Rogers split C60
limited to 50 copies. This is the tale of when Seven Lies About Girls and Derek Rogers went to Disneyland. Side A has Toxitown’s house band staged to storm the Grey-Matterhorn armed with farfisa and banjo, only to wind up taking so much acid their souvenir photo from Splash Mountain came out Hypercolor. Side B finds Derek Rogers drifting through Space Mountain on a sea of syrup, recieving thought transmissions from the sentient automotons. Welcome to the world of tommorrow. Remain seated por favor.

TAR032 – Gaze – ‘III’ C60
limited to 100 copies.  The era of the “noise party band” is supposed to be over, but try explaining that to the three capital-d Dudes who make up Gaze. They’ll show up at your house with suitcases of broken gear and milk-crate mounted effects processors to open a neon wormhole in your tiny living room with all the fever and focus of Thorton Melon nailing a triple lindy. Perfect jams for chilling with the Silver Surfer at a cosmic kegger.

TAR034 – S.C.O.A.M./Pregnant Spore – ‘Circle The Excess’ C40
limited to 50 copies. Teen Action Records is pleased to present this sublime stereophonic exploration by San Francisco’s “Student Considers Other Academic Models” and Baltimore’s “Pregnant Spore”. Through the use of innovative technologies, such as The Internet and Sesame St. talking toys these artists have created a work of timeless beauty, sure to appeal to group activities and contemporary resource possibillities.


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