Kimberly Dawn

(kimdawn047) Skullorian – ‘Kozmosz Punci’ CDr
German sound sculptor Skullorian is making a name for himself as both an avid collector of obscure sounds and an innovative sonic alchemist. Kozmosz Punci is one of his finest bits of psychedelic re-contextualization yet combining elements of 70’s funk, cosmic drones, and unclassifiable abstract sounds into a stew that is totally strange and yet somehow “right”.

(kimdawn048) Inez Lightfoot – ‘The Ballad of Wandlimb’ 3″CDr
Taking narrative cues from the tree folk of Tolkien stories, Inez Lightfoot has crafted this lush meditation on longing and reaching outward. The combination of murmured vocals, field recordings, and looping sounds creates a stirring sense of contemplation and entrancement.

(kimdawn049) Ancient Ocean – ‘Nico’ 3″CDr
In this brief glimpse into the world of Ancient Ocean, John Bohannon displays his skill as a mesmerizing master of shimmering guitar ambiance. Gorgeous, spacious tones are enlivened with an unwavering sense of timing and reservation. Each note merges into the stream as the cycle grows and resolves.


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