GR177: Cujo/Cornea – ‘Live In Detroit’ C30 $4
Two live sets recorded in the early months of 2011. Cujo is in trio form, using loud electronics and harsh metal abuse. Cornea is weir psych rock ??? guitar drums and bass downers, playing the B side of the “Shame” cassette. Re-live the cold, fume-soaked gigs, life on tape! Xerox art.

GR178: ‘Assorted Sounds Effects‘ CDr $5
FOUND SERIES. These recordings were found on a C90, a seemingly home-compiled collection of sound effects records. These are the best tracks, very abstract and loud sound effects, really bordering on noise collages. A lot of unknown sounds, glass breaking, cars, dogs, all in stereo. Xerox art, stamped CD-Rs.

GR183: Lidless Eye – ‘Wire Hazard’ CDr + Zine $7
The newest recordings of the Lidless Eye extreme electronics setup. Raw radios, mixers, and modified gear, all live to tape in incredible quality. Harsh and chaotic. Comes with a 9 page Xerox art zine. Stamped CD-Rs.

GR185: Baskery Caves – ‘Mourning Themes’ C30 $5
This guitar unit adds broken electronics and tape to the fold, resulting in zone-out drones and early morning stoned themes. No real guitar, just crudely devised string and spring damage. 6 songs, color art.

GR186: HZMT/Lidless Eye – ‘Live’ C20 $4
Recordings of HZMT (Tony Miller of Maximum Cloud, Mini System, Bitchin’ Summer, etc.) and Lidless Eye (Knox Mitchell) live in Ypsilanti, MI. Side A is HZMT solo homemade synth…slow, quiet, and pulsating. Side B is a duo recording. Xerox art.

GR189: Idle Hour – ‘Nesting’ CDr $5
Brand new all-electronic primitive bedroom unit. Homemade electronic lo-fi tapes on CD. Recorded live. Idle hour is Knox and Christine. Xerox art, stamped CD-Rs.

GR190: Lidless Eye – ‘Don’t Blink’ C60 $4
More expansion of the new extreme electronics setup. These tracks are  short and to the point demonstrations of live modified electronics…no effects, no overdubs, just loud blasts and crude experimentation. Xerox art.

GR191: Orphanage Rats – ‘Live On The Radio’ C30 $4
Sam Hooker (Tarpit) and Knox Mitchelll duo of sax, tape, and bowed strings. Recorded live on WCBN, Ann Arbor. Xerox art.

GR188: V/A – ‘Michigan Rain‘ C90
Live/studio/radio/??? compilation. All Michigan. Email or write for a free catalog with more information and ordering details.


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