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Deathbomb Digital Singles Club Year 2
The second year of Deathbomb’s digital singles club starts the first week of January 2012!!!In the tradition of the Deathbomb Arc Tape Club, Deathbomb is excited to announce the second year of the Deathbomb Digital Singles Club. Embracing new trends in digital technology, this club expands on our mission of bringing you new music, from both well known and totally underground bands, at an unbelievably affordable price. Year two begins the first monday in January 2012, and goes through the end of the year. Subscribers will be send a secret link and password to at least 2 previously unreleased tracks every other week (plus bonus weeks!). If you are joining after the club has begun, you still get access to all the singles already sent out. So it is never too late to join! Every other week (again, plus a handful of bonus weeks) will be a different band covering a huge variety of genres from noise-rock to breakcore, from witch house to new age and more. Each digital single will have gorgeous animated art made for it by Isaac Hicks. The tracks will be made available in streaming, hi-res and mp3 quality. For the mere $10 subscription cost, you will end up getting these previously unreleased tracks for less than 20 cents each. Here are just a few of the acts confirmed so far: R Stevie Moore, AIDS Wolf, Dustin Wong (ex-Ponytail), Stupid Future (members of Male Bonding, Foot Village, LA Vampires, tik///tik), Buff Chix (member of Cloud Nothings), Moses Campbell, Kevin Blechdom (member of Blectum from Blechdom), ALASKAS, No Babies, Totem Terrors (ex-Joy of Sex), Broken Shoulder, WEED NIRVANA, Human Resources, NU Depth, Yola Fatoush + at least 11 more!!!

Back To The Future The Ride – ‘Chatroom Enhancing Drugs’
I guess I should have seen this coming. Ending a journey that bends time itself is not an easy one to get off of. So, despite the recent “end” of Back To The Future The Ride, here is another album called ‘Chatroom Enhancing Drugs’. Feel like you’ve heard some of these songs before? Thats just the time bending for you. Or as the music industry would call it, a rarities compilation. So here it is, all the Back To The Future The Ride songs from comps and singles, plus two unreleased tracks (“Ghosts Outside of Argentina” & “The Cathedral of Orange in the City of Red”) and an unreleased remix by SatisHouse. All for free, with gorgeous artwork by Peter Burr. Get it.


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