Blackest Rainbow

Isengrind – ‘Night of Raining Fire’ LP £12
Solange Gularte (Natural Snow Buildings) returns for her second solo LP for Blackest Rainbow. A dreamy psychedelic haze of shimmering drones, minimal string plucking with barely-there vocals, Gularte’s sound is somewhat more far out in comparison to say Twinsistermoon or Natural Snow Buildings. Night Of Raining Fire showcases this with tracks like the almost medieval sounding Still Voyager, or the outsider folk sound of Nadirs of the Sun. The record comes packaged in a stunning full colour sleeve covered in Gularte’s strange surreal illustrators. Limited to 500 copies. 400 on heavyweight blck virgin vinyl, 100 on coloured standard weight vinyl, exclusive to direct  customers!

Various – ‘Menagerie #3‘ LP + zine £13
Jake Blanchard’s third volume of Menagerie finally shows up just over a year after #2… The concept this time is slightly different, not only do the artists create imagery based on the musicians music, but this time the musicians also create a track based on an image created by the artist. Two exclusive new tracks from each of these artists: Ben Nash, Isengrind, C Joynes and Twinsistermoon. And exclusive new artwork by Jim Stoten, Simon Fowler, Adrianne Neil and Jake Blanchard. The sleeve is a collaboration between Jake and Jim and it is incredible! The LP is pressed on heavyweight black virgin vinyl, packaged with a A5 12 page litho printed full colour booklet. Limited to 500 copies.

Chris Forsyth & Koen Holtkamp – ‘Early Astral’ LP £12
Chris Forsyth has recently been touring around Europe with his Paranoid Cat Band in support of their excellent LP on Family Vineyard as well as playing with Meg Baird on her recent record and a continuing member of the Peeesseye. Koen Holtkamp plays as part of Thrill Jockey’s Mountains, as well as releasing solo material on aformentioned Thrill Jockey and Type. On Early Astral Forsyth and Holtkamp team up, playing guitar and synthesizer and modular electronics respectively. The record consists to two tracks, each with a great kraut guitar groove, but frequently rocking into a blissed out epic psychedelic smog of wailing riffs and bubbling electronics. 400 on heavyweight blck virgin vinyl, 100 on coloured standard weight vinyl, exclusive to direct  customers!

Ben Nash – ‘Oh Lordy Me! (My Heart Is Wandering Again)’ LP £12
It’s been quite some time since a full length solo Ben Nash release, and it’s finally here, and so,what different from his more psychedelic folk drones he showcased way back on ‘The Seventh Goodbye’. Probably best left for Ben to explain this one for you… “I recorded this new full-length record during downtime from playing with Chora and after a long break from recording any solo music. Having become somewhat disillusioned with the process of overdubbing conventional “physical” instruments repeatedly in my solo work I have spent a lot of time experimenting with different ways of inputting, manipulating and arranging sound electronically, both in a variety of computer based environments and also using an Apple iPad. This release is the first in a series that will document these experiments. All sounds on the album stem from and are sequenced within Yamaha’s TNR-I app with some minimal mix processing in Logic” – Ben Nash, Camberwell Green, September 2011. Edition of 250 copies pressed on heavy weight black virgin vinyl. Preorders come with a bonus CDR of new exclusive material!


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