Against it

Summons of Shining Ruins – ‘Peyrelebade’ CD
Shinobu from Japan is back with a new instrumental guitar only album as Summons of Shining Ruins. This CD is filled with 4 long hypnotic, dreamy, minimalistic and very atmospheric songs. All sounds have been created with an electric guitar and a few effect devices, recorded with analoge equipment. The lo-fi sound and the hiss and background noise that’s going on here are an important part of this album. Maybe similar to the old Stars of the Lid (just more lively) the music here is floating and lets you forget about time. A somehow peaceful but/and also thoughtful experience!  Music performed, written & produced by Shinobu Nemoto. All pictures, artwork and minimal mastering by Ralf Rabendorn.  CD Info: Limited prof collectors edition! 6 panel covers, Unfolded inside cover becomes a little poster! NEW COVERS printed by a professional printing plant! thick cardboard, matte, waterproof.


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