Against It

The Infrared Experience – ‘Memories, Waves & Frowns’ CD
We welcome back The Infrared Experience (Location still unknown) with a brand new instrumental CD and there is an enormous variety (or creativity, if you like) going on here. From experimental & contemporary music to (guitar) post rock to organic (guitar) ambient ( & dark) soundscapes. And maybe also for people who like a mix (and/or musical traces) of Steve Reich, Roy Montgomery, Set Fire to Flames, Philip Glass, Stars of the Lid, (experimental) Sonic Youth etc (to name the most known…we probably forget a couple)Sometimes it is hard to believe that all sounds have been created only with electric guitars and a few guitar effect pedals, but it’s a fact.  This is the second full length album by The Infrared Experience and it is probably even better than the appreciated debut (“White”).  But you really need to listen to the entire album to appreciate the variety & ideas.  guitars by tie.  Photography, artwork/cover design and audio post-production & mastering by Ralf Rabendorn. CD Info: Limited prof collectors edition, pro diamond dyes, AiR Digipack design, thick cardboard with special coat, waterproof Nice monochrome art in black&white (outside), sepia (inside) & monochrome blue (middle).  NEW COVERS printed by a professional printing plant!  50 min playing time.  Due to the larger and heavier new covers, the shipping costs are much more expensive compared to all previous releases, but we still try to keep the prices low!!! We hope you appreciate it


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