GJ-025 Andreas Brandal – ‘Parts Of The Puzzle’ C43 $9(World)
Painstakingly built maze of sound with feeld recordings and meditational drone,some strange noises.norwegian experimental artists Andreas Brandal created simulation of complex music. limited 100 copies.

GJ-024 Jon Wesseltoft – ‘Gravity’s Ghost’ C54 $9(World)
Real deep drone music from Jon Wesseltoft (a.k.a Tongues of Mount Meru ) long form pieces for guitar with a sense of ancient space beauty and phantom overtones. limited 100 copies.

GJ-023 Mark Bradley – ‘Deliver Me’ C37 $9(World)
Melancholia drone to resonate deep inside…loftiness sound alchemist Mark Bradley created 12 piece beautiful music. limited 100 copies.

GJ-022 Innercity – ‘Not From Here’ C46 $9(World)
Belgian prodigy Hans’s 2nd album on ginjoha.will be able to experience the eternal wakefulness! limited 100 copies.

GJCD-002 Neutone – ‘Neutone’ CDr $8(World)
ginjoha presents first cute electronics music from tokyo.neutone used korg vintage synth,casio tone and mixed in great cassette mtr “tascam 464” don’t miss the gorgeous mono mix! limited 100 copies.

GJ-021 Pendulums – ‘Circular Energies’ C30 $9(World)
Spiritual,sounds of sublime universe. Pendulums a project Adam Meyer and Robert Thompson. highly recommended! limited 100 copies.


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