Heat Rave

Heat Wave – ‘Dejected Soul’ cassette
HR-01: MIX FOR TINY MIX TAPES + CASSETTE RELEASE + DIGITAL RELEASE …the sounds on Dejected Soul, Heat Wave’s fifth mix of the year, ain’t really half-remembered. It’s not like we’ve forgotten about The Zombies’ “Leave Me Be,” which here travels through quite the dimensional muck to get to the plane on which Heat Wave exists. It’s more, uh, half-dismembered? In any case, the continuity between the mixes is exciting, given that his source material on this mix is rock rather than R&B. Zoom out billions of miles away and time-warp 150 years into the future, and it’d probably all sound the same anyway, right? Pitch-shifting leads to distancing leads to continuity leads to time leads to space leads to relativism. You know what I’m saying. Dejected Soul, mixed by TMT favorite Sean McCann, will have a limited tape run, but it’s also available for streaming below via SoundCloud (embed today!) and through Heat Rave, a new label that will take over Heat Wave releases from Deep Tapes.


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