Vomir – ‘Untitled’ CDr £4
HNW warrior VOMIR as you’ve never heard him before…not really. Romain Perrot presents the great bear with a slab of juicy, medium rare noise wall. 73 minutes of nothing/everything experience that with break your bonce over and over again.  VOMIR’s mission statement is one of lack. At times, Beartown speculates on whether this whole ‘absence/void’ actually exists… could it be that Perrot’s work signifies the suspension of the suspended ‘lack/void’ meaning parallex? Probably, not really.  VOMIR’s work presents an absence so powerful that not even nothingness can survive. One must project any notion of coherence upon this lack, only for it to be gradually mauled… it’s meaning decaying and diseased, its objectivity all buggered and bolloxed.  There’s something jovial about it all though isn’t there? The great bear certainly thinks so… it’s like a great big, slight aggressive fuzzy hug, a fleece of everything. Edition of 70. Hand spray-painted CDRs, collage artwork, free black bin liner back for listening and a snippet of easy reading prick-lit to aid with your mush-resting afterwards.


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