GNOD – ‘Chaudelande Volume I’ LP
Formed in 2006, mancunians GNOD started their last european tour to date by spending a couple of days in the Studio Chaudelande, a small house made of bricks and passion, somewhere in the Normandy countryside (France). They recorded new songs that are now released as a two volumes LP serie on Tamed Records. “Chaudelande Volume I” contains three songs which demonstrated the multi-faceted universe of GNOD. From the heaviest spacerock parts they ever recorded to meditative neo-folk mantra influenced moments of calmness and introspection, this new recording marks a new step in GNOD cosmic procession. Double bass guitar, percussive heavy drum, that met sound of bell.Some quite part were recorded outdoor between birds and trees, that give a timeless mood to the record. Result shine like a versatile light, eyes burn by the moonlight and the twilight. “Chaudelande Volume I” is the first release on Tamed Records schedulded for october the 20th and we’re happy to start the adventure with such a great record ! Front cover photo by Chris Haslam, rear cover painting by Alice Dourlen. Recorded by Bertand Duchemin at Studio Chaudelande in april 2011. Mixed by Neil Smith and Gnod at Rhytmyc. Mastered by Paul O’Brien at Pobaudio.  500 copies on white vinyl.

CHICALOYOH – ‘Les fantômes sortent des racines’ 7″
First vinyl release for local solo artist Alice Dourlen, “les fantômes sortent des racines” presents two new tracks which always combine multi-instruments and haunted vocals. Chicaloyoh has already released several tapes on Brave Mysteries, Digitalis and Bumtapes. This time Chicaloyoh changed its creative process : no loops were used but only live recordings creating a dynamic result, with richer arrangements and a more complex and evolutive writing. Chicaloyoh integrated more drums than before, and for the first time, rythmic bass parts. On “les fantômes sortent des racines” Chicaloyoh well develops its nice sense of spread melody, like a contemplation chant sung by wraith. If you’ve being charmed by Inca Ore or Pocahaunted, don’t be afraid to follow this new priestess. When the sun goes down it’s not easy to know if the forest will help or annihilate you, pursued by ghosts, surrounded by living roots. Recorded at her home in the Normandy countryside : studio chaudelande.  Artwork by Alexandra Waliszewska. Recorded by Bertand Duchemin at Studio Chaudelande in july 2011. Mastered by Antoine Quoniam in september 2011. 300 copies on red vinyl.


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