Sweat Lodge Guru

(SLG044/G5TAPE001) Nocow – ‘Ruins Tape’ C48
Dampness and darkness yield fertile soil, bulbs sprout from beds of decay and unfurl their luminescent caps. Moonlight reveals what the midday shadows had hidden from sight: textures and rhythms meant only for those who stayed awake to hear it, dragging their eyelids upward across bleary eyes until deltawave phantasms manifest into waking life. Co-Presented with our friends at G5 Music. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed cassettes.

(SLG043) Range Rover – ‘All Is Bliss’ C34
A requiem for the abandoned dance-floor. Slow pulsations for weary minds and focused movement. Cast your vapid glances at the cloudy skies of a new dawn for electronic sound. All is bliss. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed cassettes.

(SLG042) Moon Tides – ‘As Loud As The Sun’ C26
Moon Tides’ debut has been rising on the horizon all season long, painting the waves with golden colors and the impossible promise of an endless summer. Sink your toes a little deeper into the sand, watch the last waves crest as the driftwood bonfire at your back burns down to its dieing embers. Premier analog offering limited to 120 pro-dubbed cassettes.


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