Rubber City Noise

RCN006 Jeremy Bible – ‘The Journey of Enoch’ C78
The Journey of Enoch is ambient apocrypha dark, dirty synthesizer soundscapes built from eerie, expansive timbres and drones read from an ancient tome written in fractured oscillations and noise generator syllables. Created between 1998 and 2000 w/ a range of hardware synthesizers and effects, Enoch was first released in 2004 as incredibly limited CDr and netlabel release that went on to over 22,000 downloads and became an internet cult classic. Far from youthful synthesizer experiments, Enoch is a haunting account of the world-generative abilities of synthesis and soundscape storytelling loosely based around hidden books and warring angels. A newly remastered reissue, the RCN version of Enoch features a new track listing and original art designed by Jeremy. An edition of 50, full-length c78 pro-dubbed and imprinted on solid blue cassette w/ handmade vellum j-cards.

RCN007 Zurvan – ‘Cymatic Sacrament’ C51
In the forgotten places and factory shadows of Akron, Ohio, two Zoroastrian heretics are droningly amassing a sonic mystery cult in an effort to unlock ancient secrets hidden in waves of sound. Zurvan, James Bryan Parks and Ram Youssefi’s meditative drone beast, follows up a limited CDr debut with Cymatic Sacrament two side-long meditative explorations of psychedelic ambience through Sunn amplifications and processed vocal mantra ethereal voices intersperse with sustained guitar tone, feedback, and subtle electronics in an ultraworldly summoning.  Deeeeeeep drone w/ artwork designed by Ram. A edition of 50, full-length c51 pro-dubbed and imprinted on clear red cassette w/ printed j-card.


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