Razzle Dazzle

RzDz # 18 – MICHAEL BARTHEL – ‘Noch mehr höhlen’ C20 5€/$8
Leipzig based artist Michael Barthel has made himself a name since mid 90′ in releasing his own music on Recordings for the Summer, mostly tape collages of found materials and static radio sound works. With sound poetry and conceptual art influences, Michael Barthel creates a prolific uncluterred and rough sound diary transmitting a strong feeling of inner space and time streching. Behind hiss and hum, Barthel deconstructs his voice and lifetime with a deliberatly poor range of gears and effects, using transparency almost as an ethic and aesthetic position. Most of his works are sold out or published in very limited editions, mostly on tapes, on his own Recordings For the Summer, but also on renowned labels such as Tochnit Aleph. Noch Mehr Höhlen is edited on tapes in a limited run of 40 copies. Layout by Benjamin L. Aman with words by Michael Barthel. “wie ein klumpen der um ein etwas herumgeformt ist. oder so: ein klumpen aus lauten der eine bedeutung sein soll. sprache ist kein heim, sondern eine weitere höhle aus der es hinausschallt. genauso wie was hineingerufen ist; ahnung, einbildung, vorgeschobene übereinkunft. ein klumpen. collage.” Michaël Barthel

RzDz # 17 – RUBÉN PATIÑO – ‘Eleven Stereo Movements’ C60 5€/$8
Rubén Patiño also known as Pato is a spanish laptop performer active since mid 2000. Pato’s sound has been described as hyper energetic  algorithmic composition giving him a solid reputation for sound excess and confrontational live shows. Eleven Stereo Movements is a quite singular work in Patino’s recent releases. It was originally a conceptual proposal for a concert without performer, played only one time in 2010 at Ausland in Berlin. Recalling early electronics BBC pionneers as well as nervous digital patterns, these eleven stereo movements oddly succeeds in reaching the highest tension without any sorts of hurry or volume assault. Patiño is currently living in Rotterdam where he’s completing a master in sonology. Numerous live shows and releases to his credits on labels such as Mattin’s free Softwares Series, Le Petit Mignon or Audition Records. Eleven Stereo Movement is edited on cassette in a limited run of 40 copies. Layout and artwork by Benjamin L. Aman.


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