Rainbow Bridge

Pregnant Spore – ‘Growth’ 2xCDr – RB-103
A brand new collection of 13 psychedelic compositions by Baltimore’s Pregnant Spore, recorded in real-time with no edits. This is severely focused material, yet, at times, it may give the illusion of scattered and chaotic collages and textures. Centered around the theme of personal spiritual growth, Justin Marc Lloyd pushes his trademark “mangled electronics” sound to a new meditative level, all the while maintaining a degree of harshness and complexity in frequencies and movement. Inspired by the poetry of Dao De Jing and it’s integration into every day life, Growth is simultaneously a journey inside the mind and outside the realms of the galaxy, all according to our own perception of reality. Although flesh, vocal chords and man-made devices were joined together to produce what you hear, they were all merely vessels in exposing an invisible world that already existed. This is something to get lost in because Pregnant Spore had lost itself in the making. Hand-assembled, hand-stamped scrap-booking card-stock packaging and hand-stamped CDrs. Contains track listing and a copy of collage artwork made by Justin Marc Lloyd. Limited to 40.

Pregnant Spore – ‘Ache For’ C92 – RB-105
Meditative, slow moving, extremely diverse indulgences in voice, samples and disfigured electronics. Centered around the concept of longing. These recordings took place by accident. In an attempt to experiment with new equipment, strange encounters and a slip into a trance-like state ensued. The tape was rolling and so was the manifestation of missing someone and something so much that it induced physical pain. With that channeled energy in these recordings, the two 45 1/2 minute pieces will pass by leaving the rest of the world behind.  Special price of only $5 shipped as incentive to generate more sales for the purpose of fund-raising for the label. Hand-assembled j-cards made of folded origami paper with lazer-jet printed inserts with artwork and info by Justin Marc Lloyd. Limited to 50.

Ground Zero Mosque / & + Lessons – ‘Advance Funerals’ CDr
3 CDrs full of wacky noise tactics by Andy Livingston, Justin Marc Lloyd and Jake Lexso. Jake is the man behind the Pittsburgh solo endeavor Ground Zero Mosque, an extremely diverse outfit ranging from walls of harsh noise to electro beats with synth melodies to everything in between. Justin and Andy make up a Baltimore duo called Lessons producing psychedelic noise with no limits. This release contains tracks from each project as well as collaborative tracks between the two projects.  3 CDrs separately packaged inside paper sleeves with info, together housed in a hand-numbered manilla envelope. The 11 out of the 33 copies distributed by Rainbow Bridge Recordings were hand-stamped with a rainbow stamp.


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