NNA Tapes

NNA035: Quicksails – ‘A Fantasy in Seasons’ C30
Ben Billington’s solo works as Quicksails put him in a place uncharted by many other contemporary acts, combining a wide assortment of live percussion and synthesized electronics. Following up recent cassettes on Digitalis and Deception Island, “A Fantasy In Seasons” recalls moments of Kosmische synth, Free Jazz, world music, and a vast collection of eclectic sounds from this world and elsewhere.

NNA036: Hex Breaker Quintet – ‘Riders’ C20
Deeply spaced orchestral arrangements from the HBQ Riders Crew, consisting of Grasshopper’s Jesse DeRosa and Josh Millrod, plus Telecult Powers’ Mister Matthews and Witchbeam. The boys travel the lonely road with pastoral, longing brass lines coasting alongside gritty modular synthesizer, creating deep currents of brotherhood electronics. VIDEO

NNA037: various artistsDiamond Catalog “Magnified Palette” Remixes‘ C95
Birthed out of the DNA of Diamond Catalog’s “Magnified Palette” LP (NNA032) comes 95 minutes of truly disturbed dance music, remixed by an eclectic gang of underground electronic musicians hand-selected by Pat and Lala. Dirty trance, harsh noise breakbeats, minimal house moods, and overall imaginative techno from the likes of Liz Harris (Grouper), Driphouse, Future Blondes, Fecalove, and sweaty handful of mystery characters.


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