I Had An Accident

Son of A Bricklayer – ‘Moose Without Antlers’ C28 $5
Son of A Bricklayer has produced some heavy beats and killer soundscapes – Moose Without Antlers is another chapter in an already legendary catalog. Brain numbing beats that dance off your skull and a fresh sound so relieving – some of the best sounds we’ve heard in awhile. Denmark’s own making a harding hitting beat tape sure to enjoy. Limited to 60 chrome tapes with either Yellow or Orange shells.

Mantichora – ‘The Humidity of Blood’ C20 $10
Mantichora represents the interesting sounds and visions of the desolate. Isolated inside the Humidity of Blood – visual sensations and representations of late night swimming – lights breaking through the crest of the water and slowly spreads throughout the lake – there is no silence. Limited to 20 rhodamine tapes. Mp3 download with purchase.

Julia LaDense and Mountainhead – ‘5voices’ C78 $5
Ki Choquette (Mountainhead) and Julia LaDense reinterpret Carlo Gesualdo’s complete sacred music for five voices. Beautiful and spiritual vocal offerings that bring tears to the eyes. Mountainhead and Julia LaDense reprocess these voices – they change the way they sound – they make it even more spiritual and modern. Imagine yourself receiving the spirit of the Lord on Sunday in your local Church filled with white noise and corroded sounds. Breaking down the entire meaning behind the voices and recreating it into an angel fallen and broken. 5voices (Intervention) is a powerful movement filled with moments of breathtaking ambience and sequences of everlasting drones at one moment and harsh torn apart sounds at another. This is one of the greatest pieces of music. Limited to 30 chrome tapes. Mp3 download with purchase.


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