No. 39 Head Boggle – ‘Heldentenor And Saloon Set Solos’ C30 $8(EU)/$9(WORLD)
Anyone who has ever visited the warped world of Derek Gedalecia probably knows what they’re in for. Equipped with an awe-inspiring setup of almost every analogue synth imaginable, Gedalecia is back with another insane collection of head scratchers. Lazer sharp beams of analogue bliss gleam side by side with misshapen polyrhythmic structures. A true alien encounter. What more do you want?  Edition of 60 on blue tint tapes w/ double-sided full color jcard.

No. 40 Fletcher Pratt – ‘Mind Gunk vol. 16’ C30 $8(EU)/$9(WORLD)
Here it is, more mouth-watering mind gunk for y’all. Midori Records’ head honcho Fletcher Pratt presents yet another twisted volume in this already extended and incredible series. Once again displaying a finely tuned gnarled up patchwork of processed field recordings, tape manipulation and weird synth experiments; Pratt proves to possess a true original sense of making uncanny sound collages. Past volumes on Housecraft, Turgid Animal, Digitalis, MJC and his own Midori Records.  Edition of 60 on dark clear tapes w/ double-sided full color jcard.

No. 41 Andrew Coltrane – ‘Distress’ C50 $8(EU)/$9(WORLD)
Stressed out. Disoriented in the sewer system. Unrelenting anti-visions recorded straight to tape. This fifty minute tour de force by the inimitable Andrew Coltrane sounds like his entire arsenal has been put to use. And to good use too. Fried synths, metals, tapes, vocals, guitar, feedback, I don’t know what… Waves of static wash over everything. Heavy and sinister. Rotting in the drains. Black substance spilling out the tape deck. Stressing out.  Edition of 60 on dark clear tapes w/ double-sided full color jcard.

No. 42 Nodolby C30 $8(EU)/$9(WORLD)
Michele Scariot’s Nobolby is like a riddle to me, I’ve always had hard to pinpoint this project’s sound, as it always seems to be on the move. The only thing I can say for sure is that the output always seems to have a conceptual idea of some sort. And sure enough, on this tape Scariot restricts himself to solely utilizing loop cassettes and feedback, manipulated in various ways. All samples used for this tape were created on stage during gigs through Italy. No sequencing or overdubs. Awesome. Past tapes on 905, Stunned and his own Dokuro. Edition of 60 on clear tapes w/ double-sided full color jcard.

No. 43 Shalocins – ‘Old Brain Migrations’ C40 $8(EU)/$9(WORLD)
Coming out of nowhere in 2010 it seems, Shalocins is now turning into being a name to reckon with. Old Brain Migrations is a collection of four tracks of creepy night jammers, but unlike your average basement jams, these tracks seem composed in a more reflective manner. Like a ceremony of sorts, conjured by almost organic sounding percussion elements, tape loops, scraping metals, vocals and other weird sounds, the repetitive approach hints an almost ritualistic nature. Edition of 60 on white tapes w/ double-sided full color jcard.

No. 44 Knox Mitchell – ‘New Reaper’ C30 $8(EU)/$9(WORLD)
The reaper is here. Michigan resident, you know the deal. Tapes and electronics set on grim-and-nasty mode. Infected cassettes soaking in baths of formaldehyde. The sound of electronics churned to a state of exhausting and then left on the fringes of function, in respiration, nursed back to life and beat to the ground again. A carnage of electricity. Then some pausing. Let the room contribute with its own hissing tones. Back on the job. Malfunction for life. Edition of 60 on clear tapes w/ double-sided full color jcard.


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