Ga’an – ‘Black Equus’ LP
The black horse symbolized famine in the Book of Revelations. In the end-of-times scenario depicted there, luxuries continued to pour on to the rich while common people struggled to eat and stay alive. Apocalyptic metaphors seem more timely than ever these days, when the disenfranchised are occupying Wall Street and protesting unjust financial regimes worldwide – even as the distinction between presidential debates and reality TV grows ever more difficult to discern.  That sense of urgency and hunger is audible on every track of GAANs new studio album Black Equus. This masterpiece summons the four horsemen of the Apocalypse from the dark side as harbingers of righteous Judgement. Seth Shers violent attack on the drum kit makes it sound like the earth is fixing to split apart, while Lindsay Powells angelic voice, floating above these dark and roiling grooves (provided by Tyson Torstensen), shines a transcendent beacon over the heaving aural mire. Chicagos GA’AN and Captcha Records present Black Equus, a fitting soundtrack for these dark days, pressed in a limited edition of 666.


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