Test House/Catscars split EP
CF is pleased to present a brand new split double EP from Brooklyn’s Test House and Dublin’s Catscars, available now on super limited cassette (including 320 kpbs MP3 download) from the CF Store. Also available as a part of limited time MEGADEAL, get all three of our latest tapes for only £10!! Here’s some more about the bands: Test House is the New York City-based production duo of Peter Schuette (ex-Silk Flowers, Psychobuildings) and James Elliott (ex-Bear In Heaven, ex-School of Seven Bells). The duo blends classic House music with elements of ’80s electro, German cosmic music, deep R&B, the film scores of Goblin and John Carpenter, Detroit Techno, and various strains of modern dance music. The resulting sound aims a dancefloor tractor beam at your ass while disrupting normal brain functions with blissed-out repetition and hypnotic melodies. Listen here! Inhabiting a genre of her own devising known mysteriously as “Post-Enya”, Catscars is the solo project of Dublin’s Robyn Bromfield (Patrick Kelleher’s Cold Dead Hands, Children Under Hoof) and shares with those projects a love of old synths and an effortless pop sensibility. This is her first release since the acclaimed debut album “Construction” from earlier this year, and it’s Cold Wave lack of affectation is the perfect foil to Test House’s haunted Housescapes.


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