ANOK29 Andrew Coltrane/Bob Bellerue‘A Confederassy of Burnt Bridges’ split 12″
two firestorms, two sides. AxCx brings two tracks in a long delirious slow burning assault, with virgin sacrifices in a sonic sacrifice. pure sensual carnage. BxBx sketches and slashes out a busted landscape, with FM radio battles and assault horns to salve the suburban frontier with fire and metal rain. color covers, xerox insert. limited edition of 125 copies.

ANOK36 GX Jupitter-Larsen with Cheapmachines 7″ $8
a blustering clusterfuck by these two masters of audiophile murk. 2 sides that churn with wild abandon through the reproductive systems of cement truck whales, orgone subways, and curdled rivers of molten latex. limited edition of 100 copies on yellow vinyl with color foldover covers.

ANOK38 Postcommodity – ‘Your New Age Dream Contains More Blood Than You Imagine’ LP
two long sides in this session of hunting songs by Postcommodity, the Southwest avant-garde true-native ensemble of Raven Chacon (KILT/Death Convention Singers), Cristóbal Martínez, Kade L. Twist, and Nathan Young (Ajilvsga / Alms). using hand-made instruments made of bone and skin, junk metal, voice, and choice electronics in spare amount, “Your New Age Dream Contains More Blood Than You Imagine” traces a sonic arc through the chase of animals, and the movement of blood and spirit in the midst of industrial and cultural collapse. it is a stark and spirited statement of remaining free within growing technological fetishism, intellectual slavery, and the continuing curse of colonialism in America and greater capitalist culture. screen-printed fold-over covers, printed labels. limited edition of 200 copies.

ANOK39 Gen Ken Montgomery – ‘1/f noise’ one-sided LP
“1/f Noise” began as an immersive listening performance where people were led one by one, blindfolded, down eight flights of stairs, through corridors, in and out of rooms with firing kilns, clay mixers, buffering machines and ventilation ducts. This performance, plus the sounds of ceramic production–recorded at the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning in Cincinnati, Ohio–were then combined with an 8-channel concert recording from Art Damage Lodge to create the composition on this record. Regular and artist editions available: Regular edition: limited to175 copies with insert in letter-pressed cover by Future Retrieval, with pro-printed inserts, printed label on the A side, and ink printing on the blank B-side. An artist edition: limited to 20 copies packaged in a handmade box with 2 ceramic sculptures cast from a mold made from Gen Ken’s inner ear by the avant-garde ceramic artist team of Katie Parker & Guy Michael Davis (Future Retrieval).


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